I am a  singer-songwriter, guitar player, and a lover of life.

I’ve got a hippie heartbeat, with an edgy rocker spirit. 🤘
I was born in the USA,🇺🇸 but the world is my home.
A few of my favourite past-times are hugging fans, cuddling animals and traveling, whilst tasting the towns tasty local kombucha.

Some say I’m a bit of a throw-back, since I’m pretty sure in some other lifetime I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s, soaking up the tie-dye love.
It reminds me of good ol’ days, where folks like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and MANY more of those greats reigned supreme.
Ah Well! Missed that boat.
I’m trying to keep the honest essence of the era going in my own way.

My music tells the roller-coaster story of life. As I know it. Possibly you, too?
It oozes and infuses of heartbreak, whole-hearted love, loss, whimsy dreams, hope, and a knowing that just ‘round the bend, a better day is near.

I’ll never lose faith in that that  

“Whether it’s a sustained single note or an extended instrumental passage, whether it’s drenched in blues, ascending the mountaintops of rock or exploring the great wide open, her music makes you feel something. With soul-baring lyrics and melodies that burrow in your brain, she effortlessly emotes refrains with a four-octave range. It resonates, it reverberates, it nourishes the great escape.

I think this girl’s a star - Vince Gill

Her musicianship is a clear indication she has been here before! Pass her by at your peril." -Brian May(Queen)