Waiting in Charlotte.

Hi there. 💙 Saying hello to you is one of the best parts of my week.

I'm actually sitting here at the Charlotte airport right now, after having a flight delayed for 4 hours. I get in at 3am after a long day of working at a corporate event with Fender & Volkswagen.  😳 But you know something interesting? 

I don't feel upset.

Infact, I actually feel quite relieved. What began as a feeling of "I can't wait to get to my destination" became a beautiful shift into a library setting. Everyone is here working, getting their emails done, resting on the floor, and there's just no shame. Just acceptance that we are all here in the same boat.

DANG, that's what life is about to me. Our togetherness. Community. We don't know each other, but we DO. We all have compassion. It's so sweet. My heart. Ah! 

It reminds me. The theme of 2017 closing up, and my new album, 'Mind Lion' is the idea that my mind is a lion. It has so much potential, so much power, but it can be fierce, and ferocious when not kept in line. I am by no means saying we should in any way tame wild animals.(not a fan) However, if we have one living in our mind, we may as well utilize it to HELP. 

I think one of the biggest practices I have had to learn is that external circumstances CANNOT steal my joy. I am not here to preach, and trust me, it's the last thing I want. But I just want to share my own experience. I used to be, and at times still am reliant upon my life going smoothly in order to feel positive. Happy. Uplifted. Well, news flash to me. That's not always the case.

My happiness isn't up for grabs. I have something to be grateful for at all times, and it's my daily practice. Doesn't mean I don't get sad or anything. But overall, my well being is to stay strong and believe that GOOD shall prevail. 

You help remind me of that every day.

okay. #Rantover.

I just wanted to say hi and that I love you. That's all. You're my family.

Always, in all ways,


PS. If you want to grab your digital copy before everyone else, it isn't too late.

Just go here. Otherwise, it'll be out January 23rd. You can even get your name in it by clicking here and becoming a Patron. I've got 50 names to put on my album! 

Arielle Schwartz