Train Ride to Edinburgh

Hi from a rather swiftly-moving train from London to Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s about a 4.5 hour train ride, so I am taking this seemingly rare time to sit and write to you now. I am not exaggerating when I say I haven’t touched a computer for longer than 45 minutes this entire trip. That to me is a long time! 

It has been so drastically different, touring with Eric Johnson just a few months back on a big ol’ tour bus, having a crew, a driver…runners..

To this -

constantly renting cars, catching trains and tubes, and sleeping on people’s couches and pull out beds. (which I am eternally grateful for)
Although they vary so much, I still love it. I love it more and more each day.


I am on the third week of my trip right now, and so much has happened, both outwardly and inwardly. I have been spending more time writing to my Patrons about the details, so if you do feel so inclined, you can also go check out Patreon here.


I have had all sorts of wonderful things happen. I’ve played 3 house concerts, 6 pub/venue gigs, visited Liverpool, Winchester, Bath, Southampton, Wales, Bristol,(and many more), having driven over 1200 miles all over England. On the LEFT side of the road. 

Wish me luck when I get back to the states. I’m gonna be screwed. 


 I’ve met the most generous and inspiring people. I’ve had nights with a cat on my chest, and others with lovely children showing me their secret hideaways their garden. I’ve been learning English slang, such as amp power cables are called ‘Kettle Leads’, the boot is the trunk of a car.


I also have a band in the UK that my dear friend Ben put together. Things seem to fall in alignment here in a way I haven't begun to understand quite yet. 

I’ve also had many late night talks with a new luthier friend of mine who is working on building my new line of guitars. All while being here.

So, I’m feeling blessed to say the very least.

Even through the hardships, getting lost, carrying a LOT of stuff all through the country, I remind myself every day the luxury that I have. The blessing to have so many people all around the world that care enough to invite me in their world long enough for me to feel like I belong.

Long enough for me to feel like I understand it. And my goodness, it blows my mind.

After Scotland, I am going to Ireland and then Iceland.

It’s hard to focus on all that, so I’m trying to just take it day by day.
Incase you’re wondering, I have music stewing in my head.

The gigs have been going well and people have been taking it amazingly.

I love sharing every day with you.
If you happen to know any cool parts of Scotland to visit, let me know.
I’m intrigued to find all of the Harry Potter spots, but that’s just me.

Until so soon..


Love always in all ways,


Arielle Schwartz