House Concert

What is a house concert? 

A house concert is a home-grown concert with fans and friends, usually in people's living rooms, backyard, or anywhere where 20-50+ people join in for a night of fun. I have done over 100 house concerts all over the US, and just recently got off a 16 state, one month long tour in October, 2017. 

Many people ask me why I do these instead of bar/pub/venue dates. 

The first answer is this -  
I get to connect with fans on an upclose basis. We become friends. Sometimes, family.

When I went on my most recent venue tour in April of this year, the one thing I missed was spending time with my fans. Creating bonds. I would get 15 minutes of rushed time, signing, but I craved more. Hence, the house concert tour. 

What do you need to host a house concert?

To be able to bring 20+ people into your home. 

I can bring the rest! :)


A few words about the house gig with Arielle (and bassist,Devin).

Months ago I asked Arielle if she would play a gig at my house, and to my surprise she said yes!!

In my 57 years on the planet I have seen a number of gigs (Queen in'77, Kraftwerk, The Cult, Kate Bush and many others), hands down this one was my favourite. Not only were we captivated by the voice and guitar playing of Arielle but we also met two absolutely lovely people in Arielle and Devin. I can honestly say it was one of the best evenings of my life ever and how she has that much talent in such a tiny package is a mystery. If you get the chance to see her perform live then take it.

she is something special, thanks xx

Andy edwards