All I Thought I Knew


Songwriters - Arielle

Verse I
Hello to all unknown
I have been an echo of your storyline
And though the hands may bind you
Soon you’ll redefine yourself away


I have been alone
And all I’ve become
Signifies the rising from the ashes
and still the aftermath confused
All I thought I ever knew

Verse II
Hollowed, the choice was mine
abiding by a destiny I planned
either way you turn
guides you back to me

Riptide, predictable enough to see
The harmony inside
besides, it’s all a dream

Open wide
infinite tries to remind you
that mortality’s a state of mind
Mystery between the lines
Has led me to the edge

So i’ll run
I’ll run forever
Till the wind guides me there
and lifts me higher
to open up my eyes
to all I’ve never known.