Dead Broke

Dead broke.jpg


Put the groceries down

No sooner turn around

Card declined, that’s always happening

I’d be the joke in town

But I know there’s more around

Who can’t afford to feed their hungry mouths


I’d like to think 10 years from now

I’ll smile at all I didn’t know

The shame and the pain is worse than I have known

But they can’t take away what can’t be owned


Dead broke

With a little bit of hope

I’ll find out who is really there for me

Dead Broke

With a little bit of hope

I’ll fake my way until I make it

Take my job, but you can’t take my faith away from me




Sell the stuff I can't afford

All I have who knows what for

Hoping this old ship will turn around

But what it’s done is built my trust

In whatever created us

All my needs are met, and I’ll be alright


I’d like to think

1 year from now

I’ll smile at all I didn’t know or see

I forfit the game which somehow set me free

It’s them who’s missing out, it won’t be me




When the walls come crashing down down down

It may hurt me for a while but

Thanks to you who builds me up up up

This is temporary (3x)