Verse I

When all my word let's you in

Suddenly it's like a heart-attack

But you can take it back 

If you let me win, start again

You and me


Verse II

All this time I never knew

It could be

That my heart was first to see before
My mind would take the lead

If you let me win

Yang and Yin, you and me



Cuz' I'm giving it all 

When I wake in the morning

With all my heart, just can't help falling

Doesn't matter how it starts

All that counts is where you are

Do what, what you wanna do

Thinking about, 'bout the things that could be

This is love in third degree

I still believe wholeheartedly


Verse III

I'll be the one you will see

This melody was meant to be the sound of everything you need

If you let me win

Start again, you and me

All because you know I'm


Arielle Schwartz