3 More Days.

3. Days *Gulp* 😳

Hi 💗
How are you? Where is your life taking you thus far?
Things are well over here - in most ways.

The official countdown has begun.
The tour bus leaves in 3 days to go on the road with Eric Johnson,  and I am kind of peeing-my-pants-nervous and excited, shuffling through every emotion you could think of, reminding myself to take deep breaths, and rummaging through the assortment of check-lists I have to make sure I don't forget anything. 
Did I? Ugh! I usually don't figure it out until I leave. Lol

What makes it more complicated are there are different worlds of items I need to bring.
Personal Hygiene, Musical Gear, Merch, Workout Gear, etc.
I might look like a bit of a hoarder/bag lady when I walk up the stairs of our bus. I'm okay with that! 
By the way, if you have any ideas of things I CANNOT forget, please remind me. I could use the help.

My main focus for this year has been gratitude.
How long does it take me to flip the 'normal' way of being into a greater, extraordinary state. How much of my thoughts are negative?
Well. More than I honestly wanted to be. I'm not a negative person, but I've got work to do. 
But, this year is to see how quickly I can switch those thoughts into gratitude. Into trusting the universe. Into surrendering into that which can be so much greater than I have ever known.

When I think about you, it becomes easy. 

I hope your life, too, has been lighting you up inside. 
You're always in my heart.

Love, always

Arielle Schwartz