Week 3 On The Road


Hi from a real bed. I'm awkwardly sitting on top of the bed, trying to resist falling into sleep after a very emotionally rewarding show in Fort Collins, Colorado. 
My eyes are getting heavy...but. I wanted to make time to say hi to you.

We are on week 3 of the tour. Already 10 shows down, and 38 more to go! 
It's an interesting life, that's for sure. I need to have someone help me film what my like is life every day.
It basically goes like this - 

-Wake up, usually driving on the bus from the night before until around 11:30-12:30. 
-Get off the bus, go to the venue, and bring in a few things(usually my backpack, strings, guitar books, etc)
-Bring in merch and set up table.
- Do my sound check for about 20 minutes (if I'm lucky that day. lol) 
- Work on my computer and say hi to you.
-Try to find dinner. 
- Play the show
-Do Meet & Greet
-Pack up merch, brush teeth, and get back on bus.
-It's about 1am at this point and we do it again.

Anyway, I'm lucky and get a real bed. Once in a while, if a venue is close to the other, I get to make a little fort here for the night. 

This tour has taught me so much about myself and about what I want out of my life. I don't have everything figured out and mapped out, but I know how I want it to feel. I want to live each and every day with so much enthusiasm and joy. This tour is so unpredictable and yet, so other-wordly, it almost feels as if earth goes on without me. Just in the way that I kind of have to disconnect to function in this world. Never in one spot. The true life of a nomad. 
I wanted to thank you so much for all of your support. I know I tell you all the time, but you've got to know.
You mean the world to me.

Mind Lion is out today and I'm seriously celebrating by going to bed now.
I wish I could give you a big hug.

All my love in all ways,

Arielle Schwartz