2018, Tour Rehearsals, and Things to Work On.

First blog of 2018. Can you believe it? 

Hi. ๐Ÿ’— I'm up way past my bedtime, and I am coaxing  myself out of my little hermit shell, and opening up because you mean the world to me, and I love sharing our lives together.
Hearing about you and what you are up to, what your dreams are, your hopes, pains, triumphs, trials. It's all just amazing to me.

New Year's are always symbolic of change and growth.
(Right at the 12:00am mark, I was watching my favorite movie, Spirit - Stallion of the Cimmaron. I LOVE IT, by the way!)
It kind of gives a more precise reference point to measure the movement either forward or back we have had, but thankfully, we get the chance to start over every day. That's such a blessing. 
I totally disappoint myself daily on all the things I 'should' do. 

But sometimes. Life happens. Other things happen, and you get back to it when you can, and it's ok. That's hard to accept. The whole 'being human with limitations' thing? Ugh! ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Some of the things I have decided I am going to do are
(not in any particular order) 

1. Collaborate more with people.
2. Have more time with my friends
3. Travel and play abroad more. A LOT More.
4. Paint/draw and be more creative
5. Have more fun.

It all sounds really fun to me.

Okay. Side note -
I am going on a 47 date tour in 2 weeks. To say I'm nervous would be a little bit of an understatement, but as we continue practicing, I'm feeling more and more confident. I actually did a little Facebook live earlier today talking about some of my experiences. You can check it out HERE-

I always want people to be more vulnerable so I can feel ok with being so. But. It's time to just continue to show myself, regardless of whether or not I see others validating it.
I am nervous. Sometimes I don't feel good enough.
But. It's all meant to be. I am here, and will continue to do the best.

And I have you, so...how bad can it really be?
Thanks for being the best part of what I do.
Every. Single. Dang. Day.

Tell me about what you are working on, and one thing you really like about yourself.

Love always,


Arielle Schwartz