UK Tour!!

A Brand New Journey. 

Hi from my comfy bed. 🛏
I’m trying to take it in while I can. I just spent way too long trying to figure out what kind of moody music I could put on to get me in the right ‘space.’ I don't know if I picked the right playlist..meh.
But here I am.

What are you up to? 

I just got back from my EXTREMELY fun and heart-provoking journey to Kauai 🌺 and a short visit to Los Angeles about a week ago. I got to visit volcanoes, go ATV riding, play in the rain, drink fresh & local kombucha(yum omg), and enjoy time with my mom. That's a rare pleasure! 

Every time I land on the Hawaiian Islands, I realize I never actually left. They will always be so special to me. Especially Maui. (Siiigh)

Okay so speaking of going on adventures...
 In 5 short days, I am leaving to go to England, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland for a month-long tour.
Omg! So much to trek, beauty to see, music to play, love to give and experience and people to meet. 

Here’s my schedule -

May 8th - May 21st - England 🇬🇧

May 21st - 28th - Scotland

May 28-June 4th - Ireland/North of Ireland 🇮🇪

June 4th - June 11 - Iceland

If you want the exact dates, make sure to go here -
I will share them in an email before Tuesday just incase you happen to be there. I’ve got a total of 12 gigs booked, and snatching up a few more before I leave. I even have a few house concerts!

You may or may not know this, but in 2008 right after I went to Musicians Institute, I decided I was going to live in London. I packed up 2 suitcases and 3 guitars, and flew out to a country I has never seen, or had any friends in. But I had a mission, and I believed. 

I believe it was one of the deepest shaping moments of my young-adult life. I learned so much about me, about the world around me, and there is an energy there that is so truly palpable. It felt magickal. Like literally anything could happen. And it did. 

I feel the timing is perfect, after a long tour with Eric Johnson, and a lot of life lessons to absorb, and more to create. It’s a very special place to me, and I can’t wait to go back there and share my journey with you. Trust me. I’ll be doing a LOT of documenting. 

Are there any go-to spots you’d recommend?
Anything you want to see out there but haven't yet? 

Let me know!!
thanks in advance!!

Love always, in all ways -


Arielle Schwartz