Hi from the US - Post Tour

Hi from a random cafe in Austin, TX called 'Quacks.'
The noise in the background continues to get louder, but alas..
I will squint my eyes harder and see if that helps me focus. 🤓

I have been back for a week, counting today. It was strange, because usually I can revert back to'regular' living when I am off tour pretty quickly.
This time, however took being 'trashed' to a whole new meaning. I think I couldn't have a normal conversation until yesterday. But it was worth it.

Here are some of the amazing things that happened while I was out there.

I visited to 5 countries - 

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Iceland!

And when I say visited, I mean for the most part, renting a car, driving for multiple hours a day, and getting more lost than I’d like to be.
Like that one time I was trying to find my airbnb in the middle of the night in the grasslands of Ireland after a day of traveling. 😳

I’m not going to lie. Some parts were really challenging. Some parts made me so mad, I wondered what I was doing it all for. 
Some parts scared me, and made me feel like I was all alone.
but emotions are fleeting..
The heart stays, once the triggers start to fade.

They made me remember the parts that made me cry in the best of ways.
The parts that made me remember how GOOD people truly are. How we all want to love, be loved, and enjoy this life. How much talent there is around the world. 

The entire experience changed me in more ways than I think I even realize right now

All the countries were all incredible in their own way. I met hundreds of you, got to have sleepovers with many of you, did fire-dancing and …

Get this

This was one of the most unexpected and special parts of the whole tour.
So, you can bet I will be coming back soon enough.

Now that I’m in the US though, I’m getting ready to head to Nashville where I am working on my new guitar coming out. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for that. I will tell you more info as I have it, but trust me.
It’s gonna be good! 

I  am working on another colour for Two-Tone as we speak!!

Okay -
got to go. My kombucha is empty, and I have to get back to writing some more music.

Thank you so much for following me, believing in me, and letting me love you, and having this amazing community. It just makes me life.


PS. ***

I am giving my merch store a revamp. If you want something, grab it up, because it won’t be available for a while as I move it to another platform

 I’m giving discounts if you use the code ILOVEYOU

So why not. 

Until soon


Arielle Schwartz