Burlap Bag

Songwriters - Arielle

Verse I

Some folks run

Faster than the sun come to pass
When Trouble finds their way
But you pack your bags

With broken shards of what could
Never Last
Just throw it all away


Pack up your potatoes
You can plant them in the ground 

But they aint coming back 

Carry them around cuz they don’t have a home

But home is just the place that you had got  them from
You can spray them with perfume 

And you can wrap in bow

But the more that you collect 

The heavier they grow

So pack up your potatoes in your burlap sack

It’s the burlap sack or me

Verse II

I told you once,
You carry all your past 

Like some bad advice 

it takes you by surprise

Still you roll the dice

Don’t want to be discerning

So you Hide your light 

Behind a false bouquet 



There’s gotta be a better way

Try to Start again once more