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How Far We Can Go

How  Far  We  Can  Go

SONGWRITERS - Kris Bergsnes, Cassandra Difruscio, Michele Boardman, Arielle


Let’s  find  a  winding  road  
that  rolls  up  the  coast  of  california

turn  around  and  head  south

we  can  spend  the  night  in  tijuana

if  you  wanna



wanna  come  over

get  a  little  closer

leave  the  lights  on

let’s  turn  the  night



See  how  far  we  can  go

Like  two  flakes  of  snow

Dancing  on  a  cold  Montana  night

Come  hold  me  tight

lights  down  low

We  can  take  this  really  slow

We  don't  have  to  leave

Just  lay  down  with  me

We’ll  see  how  far  we  can  go


I  Can  hear  a  love  song  

playing  on  a  faraway  station

Hurry  to  these  arms  of  mine

Just  think  of  all  the  time  that  we  are  wasting

just  hesitating  



 If  you  hold  me  like  you’re  in  Paris

If  you  love  me  like  you’re  in  Vegas

There’s  no  limit  to  where  this  can  take  us

Come  on  Over

Build A Boat

Songwriters - Arielle, Brian Ohanlon, Kris Bergsnes

Verse I

Some folks build a boat Out of wood and steel
But I'm gonna build a boat Any way I want

Out of everything I Feel

Verse II

Some boats need compass Or a nautical chart
Im gonna build a boat
you wanna go

its guided by my heart


no anchor
no fear
just 4 strong winds to dry my tears


Im gonna build
and sail away
Far away from here

Verse III

Some boats need a tide to rise or the winds to blow
but I'm gonna build a boat
with magick sails

and raise them up with hope

Verse IV

faith will be my lighthouse
on a distant shore
I'm gonna build a boat
and sail away to the land of forevermore

Burlap Bag

Songwriters - Arielle

Verse I

Some folks run

Faster than the sun come to pass
When Trouble finds their way
But you pack your bags

With broken shards of what could
Never Last
Just throw it all away


Pack up your potatoes
You can plant them in the ground 

But they aint coming back 

Carry them around cuz they don’t have a home

But home is just the place that you had got  them from
You can spray them with perfume 

And you can wrap in bow

But the more that you collect 

The heavier they grow

So pack up your potatoes in your burlap sack

It’s the burlap sack or me

Verse II

I told you once,
You carry all your past 

Like some bad advice 

it takes you by surprise

Still you roll the dice

Don’t want to be discerning

So you Hide your light 

Behind a false bouquet 



There’s gotta be a better way

Try to Start again once more


Suspension / Dimension 

SONGWRITERS - Sydney Maxine, Arielle

Hoping I could just get back
Some of my life and start to live in it
Stop treating my years as if they were minutes
 Wasting one after another 

Wish that I could just wake up
Out of this dream That I’ve been living in
With the blink of an eye,
10 years has gone
Paralyzed by your eyes, 

filled with hunger
No sleep

Ease the pace
Can I
Relive what faded away
Take me to the place,
I’m in Suspension, Dimension 

Topsy turvy in my head
All that was clear turned into disarray
When I thought that nearly nothing could take me down
Solid ground turned to clouds 

Now I’m Fallin
For something To change me
Learning Impatiently 


Find your own world
Your own state of mind
Take a moment
Take the ride 

All that you lost
& All that is gone
Will come spiraling back to you 



SONGWRITERS - Guthrie Brown, Arielle

Verse II

We were made to believe 

love is perfect

How a seed holds a tree inside

Growing pains through the changes

are worth it

When you look to see the beauty

Yee shall find


Two and Two Together

Don’t make one

Fate will rule the efforts in the end

We can choose a friendship

Built on love 

I know it may be harder than it seems

But we can take the bitter with the sweet

Verse II

In the dark there was a light

That held a promise

A figure eight, instead of straight

But we drew our lines

There was no simpatico 

If we are honest

We can see which path is worse

if we are wise.


Two and Two Together

Don’t make one

Fate will rule the efforts in the end

We can choose a friendship

Built on love 

I know it may be harder than it seems

But we can take the bitter with the sweet

I dont need your heart 

To feel complete

But we can take the bitter

with the sweet

Last Days Of Summer

Last Days Of Summer

SONGWRITERS - Arielle, James House

Verse I

Last days of summer
here comes the fall
waiting on the thunder
And the truth behind it all

Verse II
Last days of summer
and the wells ran dry
tails of shattered lovers
that would make you cry


You and I
like the autumn leaves shaking
we will see if we’re gonna make it
through the cold winter


and the fire that we started
and the rivers that we crossed
at the whim of how we want it
may those days never be lost

Verse II

Last days of summer
Written in the stars
unrequited wonder
leaves a trail of broken hearts

Beautiful Rain

Beautiful Rain

SONGWRITERS – Arielle, Sydney Maxine, Kris Bergsnes


Diamonds fallin from the sky

Feelin cold as ice, but it warms my heart, just right 

Diamonds fallin from my eyes

river that I cry, that I know just wont run dry


And I know were worlds apart

But In your hands, you still hold my heart


Cause its rainin’, rainin’ rainin’

All over my face

 thoughts of you

keep fallin on me

Every drop is just a memory of love that remains

But despite the pain 


Timeless, my heart although it aches
Part of me’s ok, cause it’s you that made it break

I miss the way you pull me in
when clouds come rollin’ in
Throwing caution to the wind


There’s no lightning striking
Thunder rollin’
just little diamonds
keep me goin'.

Genie's Outta The Bottle


SONGWRITERS - James House, Arielle

Verse I 

You saw the light
Candle in the window
It lit a spark inside
You came alive
Baby why don’t we go
And find a little magic tonight 


You started something
Now you set it free
Careful what you wish for
 Cause it might be 

You were looking for someone
To make your wish come true
The Genies Outta the Bottle
 And now she’s coming for you 

Verse II 

Was all alone
Hiding from the sunlight
 They kept me locked away
It took so long
Waiting for the day I
 Could come out and play 

Pre II 

Anything just ask it
I’m no smoke and mirror
don’t take my for granted
Cause I’ll disappear 


Beyond The Skin


Songwriters - Arielle

Verse I

Rambling daisies in the quiet

If we hide it 

No one gets hurt but us

Skin like velvet

Shaped like mountains

Never felt it like this 


Little whispers on the wind floating

like a spark

Drag my heart out to sea

It’s the Guiding light, when the storm is raging 

in the dark

That’s what love is to me

There’s a whole world

Beyond the skin

there’s a soul that eyes won’t find

half my heart is new to me

half goes to him

the other is she

Verse II



If I listen

Fear has the final stand

I can’t help it,

All the judgements 

The heart cant understand



Don't try to tell me that we’re different

But that doesn't mean that we’re all same 

We’re not body parts,
we want the love

we want to live

But most of all

We’re floating on this green and blue planet

out in space 

going somewhere we don’t know

But for a change

Have patience 



Songwriters - Arielle, James House

Dont fly away
Humming bird
Why don't you stay
I planted wildflowers
Outside your door
Through my window I see you when you
come back for more

I feel freedom when you’re flying
You always leave before you land
I can’t let you see me crying
Cause underneath I understand

I gave up your come and going
Your heart is guided by your wings
Some say that you’re just an omen
But They don’t know what you mean to me.

Seek Inside Your Own

Seek Inside Your Own


 Look inside
Gypsy Girl
You will find 
A mystery world
inner gates will be defied 
From clouds you rest upon


Take the silence

For a spin

Find your home, 

The truth’s within 


Bets are off

no battles to win

So seek inside your own
So Seek inside Your Own.