Verse I

I have my eye on the line between

The sea and the sky

Every town I breathe in

It’s the oxygen that keeps me alive

Verse II

I’m not afraid to say I was never relaly

Held in the chains

Took all the hope in me

To break free, but not run away


So this is where I get honest

Take my truth to the road

You think I do but I don’t


Have to be alone

Between the diamonds and the rust

Everywhere I go is home

Wanderlust X2

Verse III

I wake up every night

To the light of someone elses moon

Beats being stagnant

I never meant to get over you

Pre II

I would starve on logic

It won’t fill my soul

You think I will but I won’t



My bones don’t know another

Nothing in my world stays the same

My Gypsy HeartSarah Jeffs