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Take Care of You
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Verse I

Inside your heart

You’re trying to carry that heavy load

And it’s too dark

To see the flowers blooming on the side of the road


But life Is life a ferris-wheel going round and round

But remember never let it get you down


Sing like the wings of a butterfly

Like the clouds rolling all across

The clear blue sky

As soft as the snow falling on the mountainside

And when it feels like all your dreams

Are floating downstream

It’s just another reason to sing

Verse II

When you’re lost

And it feels like there’s no where left to go

And all you’ve got

Is that whisper of hope

Down in your soul

Pre II

Just remember why you made those turns

And took the path you took

It’s beautiful around you

Just take another look



There’s no greater feeling

Than hearing that voice inside


My Gypsy Heart
My gypsy heart.jpg

Verse I

Right now I feel like I was given to the wind

A Homeless heart no place to settle in

My friends all said that I would find a place in time

These voices in my head don’t sound like mine

Pre I

I’m on my wayward course

a tipsy compass


Search the world at large

Chase the northern star

Is there hope for my gypsy heart?


Verse II

I watch the lovers fall like singing lullabies

I should be glad instead of patronize

A truth to every story, whether wrong or right

Don’t former glory keep you warm at night?


Pre II

No pill or remedy 

Could ever cure this





Take me away 

To the fields of sage and aster 

Where can I run away

When there’s nowhere I belong


Pre II

A broken reverie

A million footsteps


A Love That Never Dies

Verse I

I can feel your heartbeat

Steady as the world turns

I can hear you calling me back home


Love to watch the wind blow

Through your hair like soft hands

You’re a fallen angel

Visiting earth again



We are finite here

A temporary spark

Meteorites in the night

When our wells run dry

Maybe all the we can leave behind

Is our ashes in the sky

And a love that never dies


Verse II
Sit under the oak tree

Older than we could be

Love you infinitely

Like I’ve never known


Dance within my closed eyes

Feel your warmth inside mine

Watch the planets align for you





Verse III

I hope when we leave here

I can meet you somewhere.

The High
the high.jpg


You're the one I was looking for

Take a chance on me

This may be our guiding star

I can watch the starboard, you can steer the helm

It's not hard to win over my heart


The High or the low

The Yes and the No

Make up your mind, or you'll be alone

Should I let go my end of the rope?


I'm a fallen leaf and you have been the wind

Traveling your zephyr spin

Help me to decipher if it's meant to live

Just give in your love within



Sometime's I just don't know what to do

I don't wanna leave you babe,

No, I don't wanna leave you babe, but

When I look at you, and I look into your eyes
 I just can't turn away

But I just can't validate the way that you're treating me

You're making it hard to stay


Life Jacket
Life jacket.jpg

Verse I

Some say the world is flat

Least that’s what’s going round

It’s only when I’m lost that I am truly find

Pre I

I get a feeling

It’s time I’m leaving this old town



No I don’t need saving,

I’m not drowning, I’m waving 



Verse II

I’ve got some folks to see

I’ve got somewhere to go

It’s nowhere that I’ve been

It’s no one that I know


Pre II

I get a feeling

It’s like a healing to my soul



So no, I don’t need saving

I’m not drowning I’m waving goodbye



The sea won’t sink the sun,

That’s falsified, so dry your eyes

It’s only rising in another sky.


Verse I

I have my eye on the line between

The sea and the sky

Every town I breathe in

It’s the oxygen that keeps me alive

Verse II

I’m not afraid to say I was never relaly

Held in the chains

Took all the hope in me

To break free, but not run away


So this is where I get honest

Take my truth to the road

You think I do but I don’t


Have to be alone

Between the diamonds and the rust

Everywhere I go is home

Wanderlust X2

Verse III

I wake up every night

To the light of someone elses moon

Beats being stagnant

I never meant to get over you

Pre II

I would starve on logic

It won’t fill my soul

You think I will but I won’t



My bones don’t know another

Nothing in my world stays the same

My Gypsy HeartSarah Jeffs