Well. It’s Saturday. And I am totally fried.

It’s not a day off for me yet, but at least I’ve got this time to write you and let you know how much I care for you!! 💗Good start to the day.

*faints from excitement and exhaustion*

I have learned so much from this process, after not doing a full album with a producer for a good half decade. Phew. I think I remember why I have been doing EP's lately. lol.

I can totally understand why it took me this long to record with anyone else, when I had the comfortability of my bedroom to record in. But I found that I was stifled in my ability to grow before, in the quality I could capture, and also, simply feeling alone. It felt surreal because I didn’t get to experience it with anyone.

Completing The Album Has Taught Me - 

  • I’ve learned some new areas I desperately need to grow in. (like self care and confidence)

  • The more tired I become, the more insomnia I get.

  • I’ve learned that my life kinda’ falls apart when I am locked up in the studio for months upon months and I need better planning. 

  • I’ve learned I am poor at balancing my life, which helped show me the importance of it as a whole.

  • I need to celebrate my successes

  • I've learned that I love people. Even though it can be frustrating or challenging at times, having been able to work with a master engineer like Michael Wagener was truly a gift in so many ways.

  • I need to rest for like a year now. (Just kidding)

-I can say though, that I think yoga and you is what got me through. Sounds like healthy vices to me! 😀

One of the things I DID do for myself was book a ticket to the UK, and go to setup some meetings for my guitar, songwriting sessions, band practice, and of course…resting in one of my favourite places in the world. I’ll be staying with some of my dear friends/band maters in the south coast of England. Dreamy!!!

I love traveling. It makes me feel like everything is possible. It shows how different life is for other people. It brings everything into perspective for me.

And I leave Wednesday for 3 weeks!!!
Anything you’d recommend me to do? 

I’ll be back soon with photos and adventures of my journeys sooner rather than later.

And of course, the gypsy is back on a roll again, and is going to be based in Atlanta, instead of Nashville. Adventures await!!!

Sending you all my love and support, always.

have such a happy Saturday!!

ALSO - here is the link to the Indie-Gogo Campaign!!


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