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*faints from excitement and exhaustion*

I have learned so much from this process, after not doing a full album with a producer for a good half decade. Phew. I think I remember why I have been doing EP's lately. lol.

I can totally understand why it took me this long to record with anyone else, when I had the comfortability of my bedroom to record in. But I found that I was stifled in my ability to grow before, in the quality I could capture, and also, simply feeling alone. It felt surreal because I didn’t get to experience it with anyone.

IF you want to go support my album, you can here!

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PROMO FANArielle Schwartz
Well, THAT was Eye Opening.

Yesterday morning was a lot like the other mornings. 
Set my alarm, wake up, get my workout clothes on (I usually look ridiculous), brush my teeth and psych myself up for a big workout.
We get to the trail and do our stretching, and head off into the cascade of thick, and umbrella-like trees. We start barreling up this hill, and in a dead-focus, I stare up the rather small mountain as I take one small step, reaching near and nearer to the top, even though I am definitely in the back of the herd. (Their legs are a heck of a lot longer than mine..) I dunno, I suppose I was talking to myself like the little engine that could. "I CAN DO THIS" 

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