Well, THAT was Eye Opening.

Hi from Nashville. How are you? Where are you?
It has been an interesting journey since we last spoke.

A couple of my friends go to this lush, and ultra green hiking trail almost every morning of the weekday for a 5 mile, sweaty, and truly gorgeous hike.
I hesistantly joined, thinking it would be great accountability for me, and a fun time to bond with my fellow guitar-loving friends.

Yesterday morning was a lot like the other mornings. 
Set my alarm, wake up, get my workout clothes on (I usually look ridiculous), brush my teeth and psych myself up for a big workout.
We get to the trail and do our stretching, and head off into the cascade of thick, and umbrella-like trees. We start barreling up this hill, and in a dead-focus, I stare up the rather small mountain as I take one small step, reaching near and nearer to the top, even though I am definitely in the back of the herd. (Their legs are a heck of a lot longer than mine..) I dunno, I suppose I was talking to myself like the little engine that could. "I CAN DO THIS" 
We finally get to parallel ground, where I pant heavily like a thirsty puppy, take a swig of water,  and pace around so I don't get cramps.

I suddenly realized what time of the month it was, and quickly noted I was having another type of cramps. All of a sudden. Random. Oh dear. Ugh. Like NOTHING I have ever known. Something seemed off. 
I fall on the ground in writhing pain, and hang out there, scaring my poor friends, and confusing the heck out of me. The pain hurt so badly, I couldn't even use my legs. They were mush. This lasted for about 8 minutes and subsided slowly.
During those moments in my pain-filled stupor, I thought it may be the end for me (Yes, I know, I'm dramatic, but I had no idea what was going on! What else is new. lol)
The entire situation was sobering to not know in that moment what was happening, what would become of me, or if I would even make it through.
My friends were lovely and supportive. I felt like I cheated death or something and hit the jackpot.

Mortality is a strange, powerful, intense and sometimes confusing thing.
It's also a master teacher. It's not something I meet with often personally, although have seen it in friends and family.

It made me realize, yet again, how grateful I am for this life. For the health I have, the love I have inside and the love I receive. And the ability to create and share with you every day of my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

Incase you're wondering, YES I went to the doctor, YES I'm fine, and with some blood tests, we'll probably figure out what more of what happened. Please don't send doctor advice. lol. I'm totally fine.

The point of writing this wasn't to worry you or gain pity. The point was that it reminded me of how special this life is. How easy it is to forget. 

The point was to say how those moments make life even more meaningful with perspective. THANK YOU for making this life the best ever.
Writing songs and traveling to share them with you is the greatest joy I've ever known.
Oh, and side note - Don't push passed exhaustion. I've got to remember that too.

I love you and hope you have an amazing day.
Please stay healthy in every way.