My Gypsy Heart

My gypsy heart.jpg

Verse I

Right now I feel like I was given to the wind

A Homeless heart no place to settle in

My friends all said that I would find a place in time

These voices in my head don’t sound like mine

Pre I

I’m on my wayward course

a tipsy compass


Search the world at large

Chase the northern star

Is there hope for my gypsy heart?


Verse II

I watch the lovers fall like singing lullabies

I should be glad instead of patronize

A truth to every story, whether wrong or right

Don’t former glory keep you warm at night?


Pre II

No pill or remedy 

Could ever cure this





Take me away 

To the fields of sage and aster 

Where can I run away

When there’s nowhere I belong


Pre II

A broken reverie

A million footsteps