Take Care of You

just another reason.jpg

Verse I

Inside your heart

You’re trying to carry that heavy load

And it’s too dark

To see the flowers blooming on the side of the road


But life Is life a ferris-wheel going round and round

But remember never let it get you down


Sing like the wings of a butterfly

Like the clouds rolling all across

The clear blue sky

As soft as the snow falling on the mountainside

And when it feels like all your dreams

Are floating downstream

It’s just another reason to sing

Verse II

When you’re lost

And it feels like there’s no where left to go

And all you’ve got

Is that whisper of hope

Down in your soul

Pre II

Just remember why you made those turns

And took the path you took

It’s beautiful around you

Just take another look



There’s no greater feeling

Than hearing that voice inside